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CELEBRATING OUR FIFTH YEAR, Giant Loop® has evolved from two adventure motorcycle riders with a single saddlebag available only online, into one of the world’s most innovative soft luggage makers. Our 2013 line includes four completely new products, as well as updates across the entire Giant Loop collection.

Riders worldwide energize and inspire us to continually improve, and each design is prototyped and tested in some of the most demanding off-road conditions.

Some of the very best riders in the world use Giant Loop gear, including Baja 1000 winners Quinn Cody and Kendall Norman, off-road racing legend Malcolm Smith, world-record setting Husaberg Adventure Team, London-to-Sydney riders from Continental Drift, as well as many others.

Giant Loop has also received positive reviews in virtually every major US motorcycling publication, as well as Australian, European and South African media.

We began in 2008 with a hope of opening up new possibilities for riders to explore this magnificent planet, and today we stand proud to have expanded horizons for a worldwide community of riders.

Ride while you can!
Team Giant Loop®

Designed in Bend, Oregon
Made in USA
Ridden Worldwide


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